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Recommended Maintenance Frequencies

Lift owners, landlords and proprietors have a legal responsibility to ensure their lifts are professionally maintained by qualified engineers.

Accord Lift Services recommend the following maintenance visit frequencies, for the lift types indicated:

  • Passenger Lifts - 12 visits per annum
  • Goods/Passenger Lifts - 12 visits per annum
  • Goods (only) Lifts - 6 to 12 visits per annum
  • Dumb Waiter Lifts - 4 to 6 visits per annum
  • Stairlifts - 2 to 4 visits per annum

Furthermore, the owner, landlord or proprietor must undertake lift health and safety Risk Assessments to identify measures to ensure the safety of persons engaged in undertaking the work and passengers using the lifts.

Owners, landlords and proprietors are similarly required to adhere to changes in legislation affecting their lift. It is recognised that this is often highly specialised and requires qualified guidance; Accord Lifts is pleased to include this advice as part of the service offered to their customers.

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